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out of the ashes

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This community is dedicated to the book-in-progress, Metamorphosis.
This is the community dedicated to the book-in-progress, Metamorphosis by shadows_wolf06. Presently, it will include excerpts from the book as it's being written and will be a place to discuss issues and topics from within the book as they emerge.

Keep in mind that this book is in it's beginning stages and will focus on spiritual issues that I, the author, am currently facing or have recently come through. Topics include, but are not limited to:

~Spiritual Choices and how they Affect us
~Spiritual Struggles and attempts to hold to Illusion
~The Temptation of Illusion and Buying Into False Reality
~Illusions Revealed and Clarity Regained
~Spiritual Growth and Guidance from Friends
~Spiritual Journeys and Walking One's Path

These may be added to as I go along. Thank you for stopping by this little corner of the LiveJournal world, and if what you find within holds Truth for you, I ask that you spread the word and tell others about this community. Take care and may you find Truth to light your path in these growing days of darkness...

Wyn DeLuthien